Friday, June 20, 2014

Final datasets from Cork uploaded

The remaining datasets that I have from County Cork are from the following sites:

  • Gortnahown 2 (E2426)
  • Killydonoghoe (01E0481)
  • Killydonoghoe (01E0495)
  • Ballinvinny North (01E0802)
  • Brooklodge (99E0438)
At present, Gortnahown 2 is the only one of these that I am in a position to upload. 

Gortnahown 2 (Gortnahown 2 dataset, archaeobotany report, archaeology report)
This was an early medieval metalworking site (with structures). Cereals and other seeds were sparsely dispersed in the deposits at the site, primarily oats with small quantities of barley, wheat and arable weeds.
For cross referencing purposes, another blog post where Gortnahown 2 is mentioned can be found here.