Monday, March 17, 2014

Three new items of grey literature added - archaeobotanical reports from Co. Cork

Links to a further three grey literature reports from sites in Cork are provided in this post. The archaeobotanical reports were from:

The site at Gortnahown 3 comprised prehistoric settlement remains, including a hearth and associated pits and stake-holes. The plant remains included small quantities of hazelnut shell fragments and barley grains. The radiocarbon dates from the site dated to the Late Bronze Age and the Iron Age.

The site at Kildrum was an Early Bronze Age fulacht fiadh/burnt mound. As is common in samples from this site type, plant remains were rare. A single charred fragment from a hazelnut shell was the only plant material (aside from charcoal) found in the samples from this site.

Kilshanny 3 was a burnt mound, with radiocarbon dates from the Late Bronze Age. There were very few seeds from this site, including just three cereal grains identifiable to genus (a type of wheat).

I have now added all the archaeobotanical reports that I have permission to share to my data in the Figshare repository. In the coming weeks I will be adding data tables (as .csv files) for the sites with larger assemblages.