Monday, March 3, 2014

Technical reports uploaded to Figshare week ending Friday 28th February 2014

Sites added this week were:
  • Gortnahown 2 plant remains report (preservation by charring)
  • Garryleagh plant remains report (preservation by charring)
  • Glenatlucky plant remains report (preservation by charring)

Gortnahown 2 was an early medieval settlement and metalworking site where plant remains included cereal grains from oat, barley and wheat. These were distributed across many samples from the site, but quantities were generally small, with only one sample containing more than fifty grains.

The archaeological site at Garryleagh comprised a substantial ditch, a smithing hearth pit, a series of cultivation furrows, a field boundary, a pit and two spreads. A small amount of oat and wheat grains and a few weed seeds (mostly Polygonaceae) were found. These were from three samples, from the fills of a ditch, a smithing hearth and an isolated pit, with the samples from the isolated pit being the richest.

Glenatlucky comprised a cremation pit, post-holes, a hearth, pits, one stake-hole and four linear features. Plant material was found only in moderate quantities, from post-hole and pit fills. It included cereal grains from barley and wheat. There was no direct association between the plant remains and the cremation deposit.

In addition....

As I have recently noticed that some of my cover pages contain typos (a by-product of creating and uploading these files towards the end of a long day?) I have also been correcting mistakes where and when I find them.