Monday, February 3, 2014

Archaeobotanical remains from Bronze Age round house sites in north Cork

The technical reports for arhcaeobotanical analyses carried out after excavations at two Bronze Age round house sites in north Cork have now been shared under a Creative Common By Attribution licence via Figshare.

The sites are Ballynamona and Mitchelstown.

Figshare automatically generates a citation, so these are as follows:

Johnston, Penny (2014): Analysis of the plant remains from Ballynamona 2, Cork, Ireland. figshare

Johnston, Penny (2014): Mitchelstown 1 04E1072 plant remains report. figshare.

The problem with these citation guidelines is that although the results were first published on Figshare in 2014, these reports were first written in 2010 and 2005 respectively. Because of this, there are guidelines about how to cite these as the original documents on the cover pages.

The two sites are plotted on a Google Map, with links to the original technical reports.

View Bronze Age Cork sites in a larger map

I subsequently got research funding to analyse more material from both sites, and some of the interpretations in the original reports have been changed in the light of these results. The research results are also available in open formats, with the datasets and a subsequent report also available openly under a CC-By licence, using the repository Zendoco.

The dataset for Mitchelstown is here, and the dataset for Ballynamona is here. A report looking at the combined findings has also been made available online, here.

The final excavation reports for both sites are also available online:

Hegarty, L. (2011). Archaeological Excavation Rport E2429 - Ballynamona 2, Co. Cork Neolithic and Beaker featyres, Middle Bronze Age structures and Iron Age industrial activity. Eachtra Journal, 10. Retrieved from


Cotter, E. (2011). Archaeological Excavation Report 04E1071 - Mitchelstown 1, Co. Cork Middle Bronze Age houses. Eachtra Journal, 10. Retrieved from